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12-inch Picture LP - lim. edition of 318 copies

The time is 1986. The place, the “Prestige” club in Antwerp, Belgium. One evening, DJ Marc Grouls makes one of those small mistakes that write musical history: playing an EBM maxi single at 33 instead of 45 rpm, he accidentally gives birth to one of the most blatantly successful, short-lived and contentious dance genre ever: NEW BEAT. In the two years that follow, New Beat and its American pendant, ACID HOUSE, take Europe by storm, culminating in the brief but memorable apogee of 1988.

We now write 2008…  Twenty years have elapsed, and as the world seems plunged in a new kind of Cold War, time has come to pay tribute to the sound of an era. For the second volume in the tribute-sampler series, TREUE UM TREUE invited eight artists from the European minimal-electro, post-industrial and techno scene to shamelessly leap back in time and create their own New Beat / Acid House tracks. The result is a versatile album featuring EBM-influenced tracks in early New Beat fashion, classical New Beat anthems, hypnotic Acid House loops as well as more pop-influenced, Neo-New Beat performances. Def Con 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Impact!

Side A
A1 Incident Voyageur - Ibiza (Bien Dans Ta Peau) (4:20) mp3
A2 Jongbloed - [This Is The] Neo Beat (Neuro Mix) (3:28)
A3 Pierre Normal - Acid Tear (5:21) mp3
A4 Mordrekk - New Blitz (radio edit) (6:13)

Side B
B1 Leander - Baby Phat (3:50) mp3
B2 A(cid) Absurdum - Die Welt Bergauf (radio edit) (4:41)
B3 Kalkenn - Zombies on Botox (5:31) mp3
B4 IWIK 88 - Acid Messiah (radio edit) (5:33) mp3

(audio extracts on this page are in low quality)

About the artists:

A(cid) ABSURDUM (D) aka AD ABSURDUM, the Giorgio Moroder of Black-Minimal-Chip-Tunes, already appeared on the "Todesblei salonfähig gemacht" sampler back in 2006, and his first album on TuT is scheduled for Autumn 2008.

INCIDENT VOYAGEUR (F) aka Ronan Le Roux, is a tape-industrial and experimental hardcore veteran from Brittany, founder of the 1990s "AUDIO PRESTIGE" noise tape-label and best known as EPC.

IWIK 88 (D) are L.P.S. & S.E.R. from the cold-romantica-electro act ICH WOLLTE, ICH KÖNNTE, better known as the post-apocalyptic-minimal-kraut duo WERMUT.

JONGBLOED (NL) is none other than M., boss of ENFANT TERRIBLE, one of today's most influential labels in the independent minimal-electro scene, and concert organiser in The Netherlands.

KALKENN (F) is also known as experimental hardcore techno DJ ATTILA and live performer PETOMANE.

LEANDER (A) is a Viennese synth afficionado, long-time Novy Svet collaborator and the man behind the keys in UNIDAD SASAO, who released the "The Skin I'm In" LP on RuR in 2006.

MORDREKK (F) is a mysterious artist we ourselves know nothing about... He lives as a semi-recluse in the Breton countryside.

PIERRE NORMAL (B) are Rachel Sassi, D. Trep (also from HVAL MUS) and P. Jupiter. They are members of the Brussels-based label PNEU and are a unique minimal-electro trio usually blending French Chanson with pulsating dark electronics.