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ECHO WEST - "KREUZE" (tut006)
Do10-inch, black vinyl, in gatefold sleeve - lim. edition of 318 hand-numbered copies

This collection of unreleased tracks recorded between 2002 and 2006 takes the listener on a foreboding journey from catchy electro-wave anthems to cold longing requiems, a solemn and vibrant march from hopeful spring to desperate winter. Echo West puts the occidental martyr to music on his darkest record to date.

Side A - Ver
A1 Echo West - Shadows (3:20)
A2 Echo West - Herz und Stein (3:12) mp3
A3 Echo West - Weak Weak Weak (3:17)
A4 Echo West - Up and Down (4:22) mp3

Side B - Aestas
B1 Echo West - Tearing Inside (3:48) mp3
B2 Echo West - One New Testament (2:45)
B3 Echo West - Back from Paradise (4:03)
B4 Echo West - Why (3:16) mp3

Side C - Autumnus
C1 Echo West - Crippled (3:06) mp3
C2 Echo West - Kreuze (3:34)
C3 Echo West - For Nothing (2:55) mp3
C4 Echo West - Im Licht Allein (3:44)

Side D - Hiems
D1 Echo West - 1000 Things (4:24)
D2 Echo West - Das verlorene Paradies (4:15) mp3
D3 Echo West - Weg des Lebens (5:10)

(audio extracts on this page are in low quality)