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TuT/RuR's post-BM sublabel

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TuT/RuR's tape-only sublabel

10-inch, black vinyl in special gatefold sleeve + 6 inserts - lim. edition of 275 hand-numbered copies

Charles de Frontanel (known as the boss of GRAHN GEEN-YOL Records, the 70's electro label which recently resumed his activities in collaboration with Invasion Planete) is back with a new masterpiece of electronic weirdness. Haunted by a troop of circus freaks whose physical difformity reflects the absurdity of our world, "Grotesque" is a dark moral tale, a sweet & sour fantasy which subtly combines vintage electro sounds, acoustic instruments and third wave beats into nine minimal pieces of both picturesque and chilling quality. Something weird and a taste of blood from the French wizard of gore.

Side A
A1 La curieuse parade (3:56)
A2 Autour du feu (1:56)
A3 Elephantiasis (2:47) mp3
A4 L'horloge folle (1:43)
A5 La jument boite (2:09) mp3

Side B
B1 Le partenaire (2:54) mp3
B2 Grotesque (3:00) mp3
B3 La femme serpent (2:07) mp3
B4 Barbarie (1:55)

(audio extracts on this page are in low quality)


"De Frontanel plays minimal music like it was before it became a formula. Anything is possible and anything can happen: the suspense created within these minimal songs is wonderful." (MvG for FUNPROX)

" Eine wilde Mischung aus Electro, Voodoo und Gore, die dann aber in ihrer Gesamtheit plötzlich die abstrakte Ebene verlässt und an zutiefst menschliche Urängste appelliert, wenn man denn bereit ist, sich zu öffnen. Sicher alles andere als Mainstream, doch wer braucht schon den Mainstream, wenn er DAS hier haben kann?" (KT for TERRORVERLAG)

"Man sei also gewarnt vor psychoaktiven Klängen, die über die Gehörgänge konsumiert werden." (Vonlueneburg for NEO FORM)