Triade des études de vulgarisation de la Pensée selon Sekens Murdock et Leontin Voigt Abilgaard
CD in 3-panel-digipak, lim. edition of 500 copies

Inspired by the works of the Traditionalists and the lives and deaths of Sekens Murdock and Leontin V. Abilgaard, Moonchild Erik’s fourth CD album “Le Grand Secret” (The Great Secret) takes the shape of a metaphysical reflection on the deceptions of human language, in which Murdock and Abilgaard saw the main cause for the world of confusion we live in.

Musically more accessible than “Eurydice” or “Reverse Aleph”, this very diverse new opus is the worthy successor of “Die Schlangenkönigin”, hovering from emotional soundscapes and spacey dub rhythms into gloomy, awe-inspiring drones with even noisy elements. An initiation through pure sound.

Thèse - Sekens Murdock
01 Les chevaux de feu (9:20) mp3
02 Les gardiens du grand secret (4:43)
03 Verbum, lux et vita (4:30) mp3
04 Le voile levé (6:57) mp3

Antithèse - Leontin Voigt Abilgaard
05 De la nécessité de se taire (5:59)
06 Frayeurs initiatiques (5:09) mp3
07 Pourquoi... toujours pourquoi (6:12) mp3
08 L'opposition tacite (4:39)
09 Le quatre-heure de cristal (5:48)

Synthèse et Syncrétisme
10 Le principe immuable (16:47)

(audio extracts on this page are in low quality)


„ The album explores a wide array of carefully constructed dark ambient and experimental soundscapes as it leads the listner through imaginative and stimulating sonic worlds that shimmer like mirages. Dark ambient drones and electronic sounds are contorted into breathtaking monuments of sound that lay long shadows across barren wastelands of uninhabitable terrain. Like titans fighting battles long forgotten each track makes a definitive and powerful statement as His Divine Grace unfolds contemplative compositions that inspire and demand reflection.(...)
Le Grand Secret is an awesome display of imagination and musical surrealism and I highly recommend the album to those seeking to revel in previously undiscovered musical domains. Those who like bands like Propergol, Tordoih, Dusk Of Hope, and other promising dark filmic ambient music are encouraged to check out Le Grand Secret.“ (Malahki Thorn for HEATHEN HARVEST)

„The way His Divine Grace meticulously and expertly works within the framework on each track is, quite frankly and without a shred of bullshit, stunning in the extreme. Whether laying down the sweetest of black ambience or upping the ante with ruminative slightly experimental expressive passages the complete work is a hugely impressive and gratifying aural experience.“ (ANM for AURALPRESSURE)