(Berkana Records, Cass, 12 tracks, ltd 150)

A compilation of decomposite waves. From post-industrial, dark-techno, to harsh noise atmospheres. The offline life and after death evolution: for web travelers only !!! Featuring Alessandro Adriani, Martial Canterel, Verhalten, Krank Hospiz, Tzii, Spettro Family and more.

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Electro, Industrial

7,- EUR

(Atemporal, AT-004- LP - black vinyl - 13 tracks - ltd ed. of 320 copies)

División Avanzada Independiente (D.A.I.) was a collective of musicians that was formed in the early 1980s in Valencia and could compare with similar movements such as the B.E.F. (British Electric Foundation), its initial members were Jose Luis Macias (Glamour, Tomates Electricos, Europa and Ultima Emación), Miguel F.Jim (Proceso Inverso, Psiko Psiko and Radio Klara), Fco.Jose Galán (Tomates Electricos, Fanzine and Fuegos Fatuos & Notre Dame) and Lino Oviano (Europa, Ultima Emoción and Fuegos Fatuos & Notre Dame).
The DAI was formed by groups concentrating in construction of sounds with electronic gadgets, drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers, and released during the early 80's several cassettes impossible to find today. The best tracks of that movement are presented here in a limited vinyl pressing.
mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3

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Minimal Electro

16,- EUR

(Drone Records # MIND-03, LP - four vinyl colours, each 125 x: WHITE & GREEN MIXED // BLACK // MIXED YELLOW RED // CHRYSTAL CLEAR & WHITE MIXED - 4 tracks - 500 copies)

Featuring: JIM HAYNES (USA, psychogeographical drones of rust and decay), MANINKARI (France, handplayed / instrumental trance drones), KSHATRIY (Russia, dark psychedelic (higher?) consciousness drones), EXIT IN GREY (Russia, timeless natural drones). stunning artwork paintings by British artist PETE GREENING, design by TILMANN BENNINGHAUS.

JIM HAYNES from San Francisco is focused on the unpredictable processes of rust & decay in connection with the perception of time. For his contribution "He stopped at a picture..." he is using field recordings from a world war 2 era radar outpost (located near the Golden Gate Bridge), combined with shortwave, motors, wire-tapping microphones, analogue electric sounds... A breathtaking experimental & raw drone-collage, full of tension & almost dramatic suction, sound of " psychic loss & american paranoia". EXIT IN GREY, the main project of Russian Sergey [S] from the Moscow-area (who is also active as FIVE ELEMENTS MUSIC & SISTER LOOLOMIE) is mesmerizing the listeners since years with small & handmade editions of emotional daydream-drones, intuitively woven together with guitar, field recordings & analog synths. The long piece "Drawn by Memory/The Wind 2012" is a perfect example of his skills and creates with minimal instrumental & natural sound-sources an atmosphere of timelessness and nostalgia... KSHATRIY means 'warrior' in Sanskrit and expresses the artists believe in the universal power of sound. Hailing from the fascinating St. Petersburg scene in Russia comes this "fractal dark drone ambient' project, especially focused on cosmic/transpersonal consciousness themes - these "Shifting Waves" sound secretful & mysterious with a phantastic spatial sound-quality (open to both digital & analogue sound sources) for the perfect cosmic mind-movie. MANINKARI are two twin-brothers from Paris and have blown us away with their captivating "handplayed" instrumental drone music, with influences from various styles like Jazz, Art Rock and Classical Music, combining improvisation and composition. Often based on percussion & strings, they look at their sound as a spiritual tool causing a disorder of the mind, a 'visible' transformation of the uncontrollable dreams & their own subsconscious. The two pieces "Enstase 1 & 2" sound at the same time subtle, airy and dense using a suprising instrumentation, and show impressively one of the possible new directions of drone music.
mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3

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15,- EUR

(Schallplatten Aus Lurup # Schaul, 7", colour vinyl, 1 photo + download coupon, 4 tracks - lim. 150, hand-numbered)

Featuring: Anti-Trust, The Unrealizable Wish, Perverse Names And Bottles Of Beer, Cabra. Third compilation in the Schallplatten aus Lurup "Zeux" series. 4 unreleased tracks from the years 1985-1990. Severely catchy Minimal-Casio-Pop tunes. mp3

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Minimal Electro

6,5 EUR

(Obscčne & Anémique # O&A03, C40, ltd 77)

This monster tape is a testimony of the mythical mongo tour which united MUSHROOM'S PATIENCE, DIAMANTENER OBERHOF, NIEDOWIERZANIE and TZII on the sinister road between Brussels, Mulhouse, Mainz and Würzburg. Those are not live recordings, but studio tracks made specially for this release. Mushroom's Patience is a cult experimental / surreal band from Roma formed in the early 80's. Diamantener Oberhof is the duo of Johannes Schebler (of Baldruin) and Christian Schoppik (of Brannten Schnüre) Niedowierzanie is a pathetic lament, originally from Marseille. Tzii, hailing from Brussels, has been spreading his cinematic, dark and weird music over the world since 1996. Expect nothing but surreal obsessions, bizarre folk, brainless mongo pop or dark cabaret musick. This tape is limited to 77 copies, with an artwork designed by Christian Schoppik and Johannes Schebler. mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3

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Mxed Sounds

9,- EUR

(Black Horizons # BH-97, 3xC40, ltd 200)

A third edition of the compilation to enjoy in time with the given films of Ingmar Bergman. The artists involved include; COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER, JUTE GYTE, VICTOR EREMITA, ĆTHER, KEVIN GAN YUEN, and THOABATH doing soundtracks / dedications to Winter Light from the first three artists, followed by Through A Glass Darkly, The Magician, and Fanny And Alexander from the last three, respectively. Each artist with a 20 minute contribution. As with the first and second editions, all submissions are bleak and dark affairs, yet with stylistic variations typical of the Black Horizons line-up. Packaged in an all clear 3-up norelco case, the large 4-panel j-card is with silver offset printing on black linen paper. Black tapes and silver labels. Edition of 200 copies.

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Mxed Sounds

22,- EUR

(Ex Ovo # EXO001,CD - with 4-page booklet - 9 tracks - 1st pressing of 500 copies)

Featuring: Keith Berry, Fear Falls Burning, Dronaement, Troum, Jeffrey Roden, Paul Bradley, Steve Jolliffe, Column One and Richard Lainhart. Second offspring of the "label for drone music and dulcet atmospheres" EX OVO. A very ambitious sampler, sort of "hall of fame" in the field of atmospheric music - prestigious name upon prestigious name, from synthetiser pioneer Richard Lainhart and former Tangerine Dream member S. Jolliffe to very influential old and new drone projects. Minimal shamanistic soundscapes, fragile melodic outputs & subtle noise ambient, 9 brilliant tracks to give silence a new shape. mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3

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Berliner Schule

8,- EUR

((t)reue um (t)reue, # tutrurX, DLP, colour vinyl, 23 tracks, limited to 275 hand-numbered copies)

Featuring: 1997EV, A2, AD ABSURDUM, ALONE, BEX, BRUTA NON CALCULANT, BURIAL HEX, CIRCULATION OF LIGHT, DOLINA, DE GRACE, ECHO WEST, ENDPHASE, ESCAMA SERRADA, KINIT HER, LO†PH, NATURE MORTE, NIEDOWIERZANIE, NOTRE DESSEIN, NOVY SVET, SPETTRO FAMILY, TEATRO SATANICO, TZII, UMRIJETI ZA STROJEM, WERMUT. Jubilee compilation celebrating the 10 years of (t)reue um (t)reue's existence since the label's first release (Wermut's "Hoffnung") in February 2005! This V/A follows the same conceptual pattern as the TuT/RuR "tribute" compilations. Each artist has been invited to choose a song from the label's roster and cover, remix, or re-interpret it to his heart's content. Join the carnival and rediscover TuT/RuR classics in unexpected and exciting new disguises. Soundclips

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Minimal Electro / Industrial / Ambient

26,- EUR

(Atemporal Records, # AT-009, LP)

Featuring: YHVH, MUZAK, TRIPODE + TERCIO, ESMALTE SINTETICO, GALESS, ZINPIRITHIONE, FALSA PASSION, JUSTINE, AL FONDO A LA IZQUIERDA, FLUIDO VITAL, DIX FERRO. Atemporal proudly presents “Niebla Densa” a selected collection of rare and hard to find tracks from the Spanish Synth Wave scene from the 80’s. All the material featured on the Niebla Densa – Spanish Synth Wave 1980-1987 LP has never been officially released before and most of these tracks should be considered as demos although some bands had the chance to record them on cassette or reel-to-reel for very limited or failed editions, this compilation is the result of a long period of searching and restoring rare gems of the Spanish 80’s Synth wave, presented in a limited vinyl edition with only 300 copies, includes insert with detailed information regarding all the bands featured.

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Synth Wave

16,- EUR

(Enfant Terrible / Gooiland Elektro, # Gooiland 23, LP, ltd 250)

Featuring: LCN, MONOCORPSE, PROFLIGATE, OSTY, NEUGEBORENE NACHTMUSIK, FUTURE BLONDES. With Noblesse Oblige you find yourself among the aristocracy of the mind and body... it is a gathering of artists with a different heartbeat and mindset... fitting the Gooiland Elektro spirit as they operate far away from contemporary music standards... not being interested nor moved by trends and hypes... instead they share the mission to produce uncompromising sounds for the real freaks with music both for the dancefloor and the headphone... in this case this means sweaty EBM, dark techno and industrial acid... but that are just some name tags... it is all about the experience.. mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3

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Electro / Techno

17,- EUR

(Enfant Terrible, # ET034, Cass, 5 tracks, lim. ed. of 100 copies)

Featuring: Former Descent vs Sololust, Europ Europ, FOQL, Neugeborene Nachtmusik, Good Cop / Naughty Cop. Companion tape to the "A Gathering Of Post-Everything" event, which took place in Berlin on June 28th 2014. Featuring both old and new names from the ET roaster. mp3 mp3 mp3

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11,- EUR

(FKK, # FKK10.005, LP, clear vinyl, 12 tracks, in silk-screened cover with booklet + black glove, lim. edition 300 hand numbered copies)

Featuring: Claus Fovea, Kubo, Agents In Infrared, Mohn & Liese, Night Caller, Memorex, Tata Technikk, Cosmic Hula Radiators, Messieurs Bricolage, Christopher Bernard, Staltrad, Tupé.

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Minimal Electro

18,- EUR

(KernKrach / Hertz Schrittmacher, # Hertz 038, LP, 180g blue/black marbled vinyl, 12 tracks, + movie poster, lim. edition 300 hand numbered copies)

Featuring: Sütterlin, Two Minute Warning, ((Pressures)), Error 144, Delos, Ruble Gang, Shibuya Station/Poeme Electronique/The Silicon Scientist, Neonlichter im Ausverkauf, Dada Pogrom, ImiAFan, Merci La Nuit, Poeme Electronique. 12 bands play the soundrtack of this wonderful rare movie! ORIG. MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK! mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3

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Minimal Electro

17,5 EUR

(Cold Spring # CSR 194, DVD)

Featuring: Current 93, Foetus, Test Dept., Coil. The official release of the infamous 1988 film THE SOUND OF PROGRESS. This DVD has been completely remastered / authored from the original master film stock. The documentary shows the mindset of the some of the most original and influential artists of the experimental scene. An unprecedented insight into the workings, the methods and the ideas that made these names legendary. Filmed in Hamburg, Amsterdam and London. DVD case with 6 panel booklet containing liner notes by David Keenan. The DVD also includes a gallery of never before seen pictures of each band.

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16,50 EUR

(Treue um Treue # T.U.T. 003, 12" LP black vinyl - 10 tracks - 5 inserts - lim. edition of 666 hand-numbered copies)

Featuring: A2, AD ABSURDUM, AIT!, BASTARDS OF LOVE, ECHO WEST, HIS DIVINE GRACE, TACITURNE, TYRKISK PEBBER, UNIDAD SASAO and WERMUT. Ten heroes of contemporary electronic music pay tribute to the sounds which enchanted their tormented childhood: Death Metal anthems, Black Metal mayhem, Grindcore purulence and other riffs from Hell. Ten classics of the genre entirely revisited, between minimal electronic, wave, ambient and experimental. This time even Granny will like it! mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3

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Minimal Electro

10,- EUR

(Spielzeug Muzak, Spielzeug 15, Cass, 19 tracks, 100 copies + 20 copies Special Edition)

The conspiracy continues! This time, no less than 19 hits of home made trash wave and anti-pop recorded by undercover (or not) synthetic freaks! Just for you punks! Two editions available, standard and special. The special edition features silk screened tarot cards by Traurig Lustig.

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Electro Punk

7,- EUR / 10,- EUR

(Aufnahme + Wiedergabe / Bleak, # a+w020 / Bleak 50, C40, 11 tracks, with download code + 3 buttons)

In 1993, a group of electronic troubadours set about writing and recording a tribute to their favourite band, Whitehouse. Amongst them, ex-Whitehouse member Glenn Michael Wallis, founder of Industrial pioneers Konstruktivists, former stagehand for Throbbing Gristle. The recordings were given away with the book "Still Going Strong", a collection of interviews, reviews and newspaper snippets about Whitehouse and their legendary live actions. Created, edited and published by Mark Crumby's IMPULSE label, it has become a massively sought after collector's item. The book, that is. Not the tape. The tape never got the attention it deserves, and everything around it seems to be embarrassing for the involved persons. It took 20 years to unveil the mysteries to it, to identify the names and persons behind this labour of love. While considered a parody by many, including William Bennett, we feel that this highly underrated work by dedicated artists should be brought to a new generation of Power Electronic kids.

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Minimal Electro

10,- EUR

V/A - X # X
(Conjunto Vacio, 2xCass, 15 tracks, ltd 150)

Featuring: Futura, Titan Arch, False Moniker, Cremation Lily, Death Kneel, Todesfuge, Fingering Eve, Excedent Cognitiu, Pod Blotz, Gron, Ivory Trade, Adiós Mundo Cruel, Oil Thief.

File under:
Alternative Electronics

14,- EUR

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