A1 EL CAPITAN Introducción
A2 OJALA PUDIERA EL Principio De La Nueva Carne
A3 ANTONI MAIOVVI Assault On Palacio De Las Cortes
A4 A2 El Día Del Juicio
A5 TZII feat. SAMANTHA C. La Unidad De La Verdad

B1 TEATRO SATANICO Sonido De Independencia mp3
B2 PACHA KING feat. JOTA Dónde Está La Angustia
B3 MAKiNA GiRGiR And I Wept
B5 CORNFLAKES 808 Lloret De Mar 6 am

When, at the end of the 80s, the wave of Techno washed over Europe, it not only revolutionized the world of music at large…. it also created a multitude of local genres and subgenres, some of which became universal references, while others remain little known to this day. In Valencia, on the Spanish Riviera, one did not only move to the hardcore rhythms of Mákina in those days. As early as 1989, Julio Nexus and his label Megabeat, later joined by German Bou and Nezkabel Records, began to produce the first records of what was to become “El Sonido De Valencia”. Influenced by Synth Pop, New Wave and EBM, the Sound of Valencia is an unidentified object in the story of techno music: with its baroque synthetic saxophones, its Spanish Twin Peaks samples, its subtle electro beats and its almost kitsch melodies, it has little in common with the 140+ BPM hardcore Tekkno happening everywhere else at the time. Today, almost 25 years later, it is high time to pay tribute to a mostly forgotten and totally underrated scene, which had nonetheless an everlasting impact on many South-European ravers. High time to „remember the future“, with nine contemporary reenactments of the Valencian magic....

About the participants:

A2 is a cult Ruhrpott minimal-electro project (also known under his Power Electronics moniker IRIKARAH) and has released on Genetic Music, MNDR, Hausgebrauch, Psych.KG and Treue um Treue.

ANTONI MAIOVVI, originally from the UK, founder of the GIALLO DISCO label and also known for his Witchhouse project GHETTOSCRAPER, has been the king of Berlin’s Italo Disco nights for many years, until recently moving to Madrid.

CORNFLAKES 808 from Salerno is the Italo Disco project of Stefano Iannone aka SPETTRO FAMILY and founder of the VADE RETRO record label.

MAKiNA GiRGiR from Toulouse is a French “retro-lectro-wave” project and also the mastermind behind the FALCO INVERNALE record label.

OJALA PUDIERA is the Valencian incarnation of the German cold-romantica-electro act ICH WOLLTE, ICH KÖNNTE, aka Laszlo PS and Sofia ER of WERMUT.

PACHA KING is what happens to the Berlin-based French multi-instrumentalist NIEDOWIERZANIE when he puts away his cello and switches on his synths! Aided here by JOTA on vocals – Spanish, Vienna style.

SABLE ET SCIURE is none other than D. TREP, label boss of the Belgian PNEU, and the man-behind-the-synths in PIERRE NORMAL and HVAL MUS.

TEATRO SATANICO from Italy (current line-up: Devis "deviLs" Granziera, Kalamun and Mauro Martinuz) have been the talk of the post-industrial scene for 20 years, with their devilish wit and always more dance-floor orientated magick electronics.

TZII, Brussels-based composer and filmmaker, is one half of the SOLAR SKELETONS, one third of DUFLAN DUFLAN and a member of the V-ATAK collective. Aided here by SAMANTHA C. of DUFLAN DUFLAN on vocals.